Friday, September 12, 2014

Where Do Baby Chickens Come From?

an egg lays in the grass, the shell is cracked, someone points at it
If you're a city slicker like me, you may have never seen where all them eggs you eat come from. I know they come from inside a chicken and the chicken lays them, but do they just fall out like in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life? Or is there a long laborious process involved in it?

Like I said, I never knew...until yesterday when I saw a video on that showed a chicken laying an egg. It looks like it hurts a bit doesn't it? And they do this every other day or so? It gives me a greater appreciation for the plight of the chicken.

That greater appreciation doesn't preclude me from eating them and wanting to keep some of my own, don't worry. I think chickens would be some of the best animals to have on our farm. They seem like they're easy to take care of and they make food. Then when they're done making food, they are food! The making them food part does make me a little nervous or something, but after the first couple de-headings I'm sure there would be no problems.

How about you? Have you ever, or do you currently, have chickens? Any general advice or knowledge you want to share with the class? Do tell in the comments.

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